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Hebei Lianbang International School is an international school approved by provincial and municipal educational administration. It includes kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and international department. Its has won a great reputation in Hebei province by its distinctive school-running characteristics, unique educational philosophy, rich campus culture and high-quality education.

The school is situated on NO.209 of Xinhua Road, covering a building area of more than 120 thousand square meters. It has an administrative office building, teaching buildings, a laboratory building, an art building, a library, a robot hall, a 3D printing hall, a national science museum, a fencing hall, sports fields, student apartments, foreign teachers’ apartments, cafeterias, and other teaching and living facilities. It is completely equipped with a reasonable layout. The school adopted overall European style in decoration. It is mixed with dignity and elegance, classics and modernity. The environment is beautiful and pleasant which shows the humanistic concept. It is a brand new modern campus with grand scale and first-class facilities.

The school adopts the characteristics as “Superior Basic Education + Open International Education”, adopts small-class foreign language teaching, promotes "Seven Steps Teaching Model”, practices the “Structure-Scenario-Communication” teaching mode, and cultivates new talents of the time who hold “National Feelings As Well As International Perspectives” as the school motto. The school is in line with international standards and has conducted substantive and fruitful international cooperation and exchanges with the relative schools and even with  governments of US, Canada, Britain, Australia, Italy, Russia, Japan and The Republic of Korea. The school adheres to the "Chinese-Western Integration" diversified school system, and achieves seamless communication among various sections. We also adopt scientific management, and carry out unique educational and teaching management activities.

The school is led by famous education expert principal, and has a team of highly credible and strong executive leaders. They work together to cooperate sincerely, seek truth and are pragmatic. They pay attention to the comprehensive and individual development of each student. We are devoted to forging a new education highland with "High Standard, High Grade And High Quality".